€11.22  $13.03  A$17.70

Wherever you’re from in the Western world, that’s not a lot. When you need to make it stretch to flights, hostels, food, travel and cocktails by a waterfall in a bikini at sunset in a far flung corner of the world so that you can post it to the ‘gram and let everyone know you’re #livinyourbestlife? It’s really not a lot.

Join me, another young, dumb and (mostly) broke twentysomething who’s already tired of dat 9-5 life, on a journey around the world to see just how far £10 can stretch. I’ll be bringing you places to stay, cheap eats, and experiences of a lifetime all for under a tenner.

Travelling on a budget can be tough but don’t worry- I don’t have any money either.


Just a quick lil’ DISCLAIMER: I am not a reliable resource for currency conversion information. Please ask Google/ your bank/ Dave at your local post office for up-to-date currency info. Also if anyone could let me know how to convert a little bit of currency into a lot of currency please get in touch.

“It’s okay to spend your last £8 on an overpriced Mojito!”- Christopher Columbus